Noble Aspirations

October 20, 2009

A self-fulfilling prophecy
Curly brown locks and bright
Green eyes for you to see
A future in fresh ink and light

Like notes written across
Time’s blurred measures
Lines made of blue frost
Stealing life’s pleasures

For on my end of the scale
Anything I would give
A balance so precise and frail
So that together we may live

All that carries weight and
Always weigh the same
Fingers crawl across the sand
My voice to say your name

Two parts of one whole
Separate paths intertwined
Was it not the lover’s goal
Some power, he shall find

Like energy in ancient form
Carved characters multiply
There is no need to mourn
They resurrect to fly

Our lives, at first, appear
As two contained spheres
But, like a bell’s tone is clear
We have nothing left to fear



2 Responses to “Noble Aspirations”

  1. There’s so much in this but at the same time it barely breaks the surface. You know what I mean?
    I love it 🙂
    especially the fourth verse

  2. Michael Says:

    thanks darling 😉

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