Prex Precis

October 8, 2009

Oh, stone deity;
Trembling godhead
And watcher of the world
We, your meaningless subjects
Search for an audience
With your seven part glory
How do you rule yourself?
This earth, soil and rock,
Filled to the brim with
Pink bodies with rusted faces,
Red tinged bars, forming
Parallel scars criss-crossing
The continent’s back
Shining rails, never used,
Like metallic lace on
Mother Nature’s thighs
Why such hate and ignorance?
What is the opposite of love?
The answer is power, friend;
Power over those you love
And even those you don’t
Especially those you don’t
Like old strings on
An new guitar, they
Lie so out of place
So unfamiliar
That God herself
Laughs at our feeble
Attempts to control
That which can never be



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