Plate Armour

September 23, 2009

There once was a little boy
With sandy blonde hair and
Thick, round glasses

He lived in a world like ours
Where sometimes things just
Don’t always work

So he learned to protect himself
And those around him, by wearing
A shiny suit of armor

He worked day and night on the
Bright steel plates, making sure
It was perfect

His parents, his friends, it seemed
That everyone needed him to be
The strongest he can be

So he fought valiantly, he never
Took a breath and protected those
That he loved

But one day, after winning another
Of his relentless battles of life, he
Had an epiphany

He had become so entranced with
His beautiful suit of armor that
Nothing was left

He had built himself a metal cage
Which only he could free himself
From the inside

He ran out into the rain, and with
Both hands he tore the armor off
Piece by piece

Lying naked and still, the downpour
Beating his chest like a pulsating
Motor of nature

Only he could stop himself from
Becoming that which he fought
Mindless and terrible

For only the truly strong are able
To put down their armor for the
Ones they love



One Response to “Plate Armour”

  1. awh babe
    what a story teller 🙂
    but even i can see what lies underneath

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