Curves Ahead

September 14, 2009

Our second song, without a title
Frightening me to my very core
The thought that somewhere out there
Is a soul thrashing in the night
Just like mine, waking at 4am
Hot breath upon my neck,
My window was closed all the way
So you took the door that stood
Open through midnight and beyond
My eyes wide, begging the question:
If you faded from our world
Would you return to haunt me?
A perfect mist in the form of a cat
To scurry away from my peripherals
A shadow of a thought and nothing more
Shine some golden light upon me and
Trigger that one, immovable impulse
Within my brain- to love and be loved
If only just the once, so that I might
Sleep soundly until dawn
And find no evidence of your visit
But the imprint in my bedsheets
And the faint smell of sunflowers



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