September 10, 2009

Hit the throttle
Two wheels race
Beneath us, the
White and yellow
Lines all a blur
The vastness of
The mountain
Looms higher above
Our heads, twenty
Miles to Paradise
That graceful transition
Mother nature’s
Change of wardrobe
From the autumn green
To a frosted combination
White, grey, and blue
Your hair blowing behind
Trailing us like a tiny
Comet’s tail in space
The air seems thinner
And a little bit colder
I love it when I can
See your breath
We decided to hike to
The east slope to camp
A single tent with a
Single sleeping bag
If for nothing more
Than the chance to see
The sun peek over the
Edge of the world
And begin its steady crawl
Across the sky



2 Responses to “Rainier”

  1. sounds romantic 🙂

  2. Melissa Says:

    Yet Another Great Poem. 🙂

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