Room With A View

August 28, 2009

I want
I want a large bed
Something frivolous
The kind of bed that lets
Me admire the tiny ledge of
Your eyelids shut, one
Perfect eyelash rests upon
Your freckled cheek
With my thumb I brush
It away and you peek
At me, just a sliver of green
I want to see your
Chest rise and fall during
That golden hour
Watch the near-invisible
Hairs on your arm sway
Back and forth
I want a ship that rides
The moon’s ebb and flow
So we can tour the earth
I want expensive wine
So that red and white and pink
Can fill our hearts with mirth
I want lots of money
So we can have a big house
With twelve cars, and a pool
A butler with an English accent
And it is at that precise moment
That I rub my eyes and
See just what it is I want
A cozy house, a big dog
Teach until I’m old
And you there with me
To count the wrinkles we’ve
Earned together in life
Because beyond whatever
I will be in the next fifty years
One thing I know I will not be
Is alone.



3 Responses to “Room With A View”

  1. justelisa Says:

    This is lovely…so lovely.

  2. Michael Says:

    ^_^ thank you

  3. uncleverone Says:

    Methinks a man in love, you are.

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