Metro August

August 5, 2009

finally, an overcast day
I never thought I would
look forward to grey skies
this city showed me
a new face this summer
besides the hot breath of
a blistering July night
I have seen the city’s
black eyes and bruises
watching drug deals from
the back row of a
green and yellow
metallic caterpillar
an old man sips brandy
beneath restaurant windows
fetid steam rises from
manhole covers and notes
float along Pike from a
homeless man’s cello
my emerald city holds up
two sides of itself
one, the shining hipsters
drinking indie coffee and
listening to indie music
and the other, a twisted
underbelly that smells like
seaweed and coffee grounds
lines slowly blur together
to form a smoky cloud
where I can no longer tell
one side from the other
damn I love Seattle


One Response to “Metro August”

  1. Mudha Says:

    Love it, as always!

    Its such a contrast seeing as I’m sitting on the steps of an old school house in the middle of the Maine wilderness (and by wilderness I mean three blocks away from Martha Stewart’s summer home) and all I see is trees.

    Mind if I read a few to the students here?

    much love!

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