The White Beacon

July 13, 2009

Up the North Atlantic coast
Foaming white caps spray a mist
Across the blackened rock path
Leading out to a white tower
For more than a century, this
Ivory pillar has stood guard over
The sea, Her tumultuous waves
And the powerful wind are the
Only weapons in her arsenal
Sometimes she is calm and
Placid like the surface of a mirror
And at other times, she blasts
That lighthouse with icy gales
And crashing green waves
That would give the most grisly
Sea dog second thoughts of
Attempting the impossible
And still, the tower stands
Shining two distinct shades:
Red in the morning, and a deep
Blue in the silvery evening fog
So while the sea may do her best
To shatter the endurance of
Her lighthouse lover,
His patience smiles effortlessly
Across her open waters
Come high tide or low
As it shall for the next
One hundred years



One Response to “The White Beacon”

  1. 🙂 you’re fuckin’ amazing.
    i’m so lucky

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