A Hunter in the Shadows

July 7, 2009

Orange with black stripes
You materialize in front of me
Somehow blended in with the
Shadows in the jungle of my heart
Until you got so close I could
Touch your slender backbone
And still I wouldn’t know you
Were there under my nose
In the span of time between
My eyelids closing and your
Hind legs twitching, I am
Suddenly there beneath you
At the mercy of your claws
You’ve got the taste of blood
And I’ve fallen from just a look
Swift canines (and a flash of metal)
Writhe against my neck
I cannot escape your power
But what this particular beast
Did not have in mind was
My own carefully hidden creature
No longer behind the bars
Of my unconscious, I growl
Deep and throaty to show you
That there are two animals here
And mine won’t go down
Without a good fight



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