Upon Request

June 25, 2009

Thank God there
Are two of them
What could be considered
One of your biggest assets
Is nothing more than
Tanned flesh and white bone
Twin columns holding a
Precarious balancing act
And sometimes when I think
You aren’t looking
I admire the purples and yellows
Of your hard earned bruises;
Slow healing proof that
Mankind has indeed fallen
So while some might assume
Those long tendrils
Stand for little more
Than pure sex appeal
It will take an uncommon
Kind of person to grasp
The way you see your world
And how you walk through it:
Eyes open and feet relentless
With those perfect green flats



4 Responses to “Upon Request”

  1. cherokeebydesign Says:

    Very nice write.

    Thanks for sharing.



  2. sir jorge Says:

    that was really well written, i liked it, good work

  3. megnaa Says:

    me likey

  4. Jack Says:

    Beautiful and alive.

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