Divine Purchase

April 19, 2009

You bite your fingernails
Down to the quicks,
Pink and white lines;
Watching television
Blurred forms across
A smeared window pane,
Sifting through the
Ambient noise of the
Lies you’ve never told me.
Pour some oil onto
My creaking gears so
I can convince myself that
There’s no problem with
The way I’ve come to
Know this world.
Nights like these I wish
That I lived in the sixties:
Peasant dresses and
Blue bandanas.
The best advice you
Could give was to
Free your mind.

We don’t have a name
For this decade of ours;
I’m evaporating slowly
Like particles of light
Down through the
Stained glass windows
Of a dusty church.
I would sit in the pews
And ask God why I feel
So empty when I’m alone,
And He would lean
Over and say,
“You aren’t.”



One Response to “Divine Purchase”

  1. Pops Says:

    Most excellent! He’s always there, but how often are we silent enough to hear His voice?


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