The Misunderstood Artist

March 25, 2009

An intensity unknown to most
Shimmers white-hot in your eyes,
The golden calf, struck from the record,
A pair of white bars (a symbol)
Emblazoned upon your arm proudly.
A whisper from up the street
Weeps, and foretells your Armageddon:
Where are your trumpets and eagles?
Precious stone tablets crumble
Like the Berlin wall
(And with equivalent importance).

A wistful murder, your humility
Lies blood-spattered and frayed;
There’s no chalk outline big enough
For this victim’s corpse.
The razor sharp juxtaposition
Of your dreary stroll through life
Is enough to bring your Christ to tears,
You and your four paper horsemen.
All that will remain for the summer’s eve
Are two eyes welded shut and a striped heart.
Calloused fingers whine and squeak
Across rusty strings, and you disappear
With a small puff of smoke.



2 Responses to “The Misunderstood Artist”

  1. Jerbaldo Says:

    Possibly my favorite yet Mike. Beautiful.

  2. Mudha Says:

    oooo i like it.

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