The Lioness and the Shrew

March 20, 2009

I am hiding under a sheet
Like a child on Halloween.
As always, you cut to the chase.
Everything I am is before you:
Pages of a tattered book
That you know oh so well
Rustle in the warm breeze
Hopping from one
Leaf to the next.

If I was a tree, my arms
Stretched and growing
In all directions,
You’d come to me
And pull away my bark
Just to find out more.
Your insatiable curiosity
Comes at a terrible price:
In exchange for my life,
You want a place within it,
Forged by your own two hands
Blackened with soot.
Like that one long moment
When I put my glasses on,
Wide-eyed recognition
Of the position you hold
With such sweet relish.
Those eyes tell me so much
Fixated on the horizon,
I can’t help but look back.

You’re in too deep now;
A part of you swims through
My bloodstream and
Enjoys the ride every time
My heart beats.



One Response to “The Lioness and the Shrew”

  1. I love the images in this piece.

    The last stanza in particular is a favorite.

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