Waiting In The Wings

March 9, 2009

Two sides of the same coin
His feet slip into the same steps
That I had made years before
Our name carries a weight
And a reputation precedes it
But now he dares to wander
Always so ostentatious
You’ve always been a performer
If all the world is a stage
You must have been tired
Of playing my understudy
You longed for a more robust
Dialogue, one that you could
Really sink your teeth into
Funny we should have
The same people behind us
You’re just better at the game

Taking the world onto your
Youthful shoulders like a
Curly blonde Atlas
Bend to break, take a knee
And remember to breathe
You left my shadow long ago
And as the curtain came up
You surprised us all
Made decisions nobody
Expected to see made
But through the barrage
You made it work out
Even if only just barely
And seeing my prodigy
Take his winning in stride
I had no choice but to
Exit, pursued by a bear
We are two apart now



4 Responses to “Waiting In The Wings”

  1. you are the embodiment of big brother.
    I really, really like this.
    It helps that I know what you’re talking about.
    That kid….I don’t even know anymore

  2. Pops Says:

    Yes, this sounds like you’re talking to your brother. Kind words. Moving words. Further proof you love him.


  3. “if all the world is a stage
    you must have been tired
    of playing my understudy”

    Great moment there.

    I also like the bit at the ending about “exit, pursued by a bear,” but I don’t know if I catch the reference (is it a reference?).

  4. Michael Says:

    haha! yes, in fact, “exit, pursued by a bear” is one of the most famous stage directions of all time.

    it’s in Shakespeare’s “A Winter’s Tale”

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