Fat Tuesday

February 24, 2009

Suddenly caught up
In the moments of night,
Epiphany has come and gone.
Now a day for shroves
Bears its teeth in a flash
Of white and sickly yellow.
Earn your beads, and let
It all hang out today.

A steamy shortstack,
Fluffy wheat pancakes,
Like the insulation for my soul.
Today’s your last chance!
No inhibitions withstanding
For ere the sun rises,
Sacrifice and depravation,
The willful giving of persona
Whose only motivation
Is to appease a deity
Who turned his back on you
Twenty-three hours ago.

Where is the balance
In this barren world,
When you stack sins
Like playing cards,
Only to fall apart
With calamity?



2 Responses to “Fat Tuesday”

  1. findingherforte Says:

    not sure what to make of this.
    I like the feeling
    and i’m jealous of how subtle you are
    I don’t know how you do it
    you tell so much
    but leave me with so many questions

  2. Love this bit: “where is the balance / in the world / when you stack sins / like playing cards / only to fall apart / with calamity”

    Nicely done, Michael.

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