Saint Valentine

February 14, 2009

Build me a fireplace
In the cavernous hole
Where you used to be
So I can curl up with a good book
And feel the waning heat from
The embers of our solstice love
Now I simply try to remember
Not to say the wrong thing
At the right time
Pour me a stiff drink
So I can sober up and take in
The last few days, a curtain
Drops and signifies my birth
A clarion call resonates past
Even God herself wouldn’t
Know what to do with that
Light me up like a Cuban cigar
And let me smolder for an hour
Grey feathers of ash twitch
In the doorway



One Response to “Saint Valentine”

  1. This is a really interesting piece. I get the image of being in some sort of pastoral parlor. Upper class, but rural. It’s an interesting twist on the same old love poem. Nicely done.

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