Especially In Michigan

November 29, 2008

The worst timing
You could ever imagine,
I just wonder what
It might have been like.

It can’t be a coincidence
That you came from a
Place split in two.
Two halves of one whole,
A pair of hands that
I wish I could hold.

Green and brown!
Maybe in another life
I could have held those
Two beautiful colors,
Like the autumn escape
They’ve given me.

My hope’s lost, and you
Wouldn’t believe me
If I told you what was
Really going on inside
My ribcage:
Curved white bars
Keep my skewered
Heart at bay.

For now, I’m afraid
We’ll have to settle for
What never had been.
The clouds in my eyes
Break apart…

When you look to the West
And watch the sun die,
Just try to remember that
You aren’t alone.



5 Responses to “Especially In Michigan”

  1. Mudha Says:

    😀 you have an amazing talent.
    methinks you need to make a collection.

  2. Michael Says:

    lol thank you, dear.

  3. Shelby Johnson Says:

    This is wonderful Michael. I enjoy reading your work.

  4. Jazmyn Says:

    Interesting…Is this about what I think it is?

  5. .... Says:

    I have a hard time accepting how fantastic you are. I have a harder time accepting that you are not taken. I don’t really get it.

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