Inquire Within

November 18, 2008

It was two years ago
This very month
That I felt skin touch skin,
And listened to the
Song of your breath
Rising and falling like
The tides during a
Summer’s dusk.

But now, finally,
I am free.
I have taken back
What you took in
Miami all those
Years ago.
You told me in a
Dream, and I
Have listened.

Such a weight
Has been lifted!
Leaving behind the
Dregs of a love
That I have held
Like a dead dog
In the street.

It isn’t that you
Didn’t mean anything;
Quite the opposite,
But when I looked
Over my shoulder
It was you that still
Grasped that red tether.

A fragile and
Shattered smile
Comes to my face.
I didn’t mean for it
To be this way,
I just hadn’t seen the
Collateral damage
On the inside.

Now, I am light
As a sea bird,
Floating on a cold
November breeze.
I would thank you,
But it was all
My doing.



One Response to “Inquire Within”

  1. fiercestcalm Says:

    I like the image of holding a dead dog in the street. So visceral.

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