October 21, 2008

who is like the Lord?
it’s a symbol of persona
represented by more symbols
a facemask of letters
brittle like eggshells
I was lucky, I got four

one for an archangel
(fiery sword in hand)
another for my father
(a constable of morality)

the last two, a pair
(from a distant land)
a son’s hatred for
his father’s disparity

an interesting
one might wonder
the intersection of
Moses and Copperfield
wherein I have made
a burrowed home
underground with no
welcome mat



One Response to “Nomenclature”

  1. maelinat Says:

    Yes, indeed I’m wondering about this precise intersection… I find your poem so clever (and beautiful to read), I didn’t match it yet. :>D
    Thank you.

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