Dirty Socks

October 18, 2008

The way water drips down
Your collarbone
When the rain is hard enough
To make a difference
All I can do is turn around
And smile like a serpent

You’ve had a tough life
Pacing the hardwood floors
Of middle childhood
I wonder if you remember
How fucking good I look
In a tuxedo

Damaged goods,
Nights so hot that your
Pajamas stuck to your shoulders
And I was so angry at
Absolutely nothing
I stood out in the quiet
Hours of twilight
And screamed

Stretching the boundaries
Of where I thought I should go
The unforgettable smell of
Piercing the air, it always
Makes me think about
England in the summer
Even though I’ve never
Been there

Eventually the things
That matter most fall away
Like dirty socks
Into god knows where
To be collected by
A series of traps
Set for my



2 Responses to “Dirty Socks”

  1. maelinat Says:

    Oh my dear! What a travelling marvel. I’m totally transformed. Life will never be like before.
    And no, I don’t remember for the tuxedo.
    Thank you.

  2. Gina Says:

    i aboslutley love this. i feel like i can relate to it somehow…..

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