October Frost

October 9, 2008

Through the quiet
Hours of the morning
I glance out the window and see
Mother nature’s age transparent,
If only for a moment, in the frost
Lacing the October grass.

The clean cold of autumn air
Sears your throat, the kind of gasping
Breath that leaves your lungs
Pleading for more.

It’s that gradient from green to orange,
The citrus blossom of summer traded in
For a wet, earthy smell that reminds me
Just how small I am.

A fleeting instant, where in the silence
Of the clearing a solitary fox stands proud,
Ears positioned to detect the faintest
Clamor of man’s incompetence…

The leaves underfoot crunch
In the fading light of dusk.



One Response to “October Frost”

  1. maelinat Says:

    That is a beautiful piece. Dancing as a leaf.
    Thank you.

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