In Transition

October 9, 2008

originally written in August 2008

Bridging the gap
Between two distinct
Parts of life, it signifies
The end of an age.

Stick out
Your tongue,
You can taste it;
The sweet smell of
White flowers.
You have to savor it:
The feel of cold metal
Against bare flesh
Makes you shiver,
And now you see
Just how far you’ve come
Exploding out of who you
Used to be,
Cascading down
Like a million beads
Of sweat on your brow.
Strike a chord on my
Just make sure
They’re in tune
Before you play
The last song
I’ll ever hear,
Tapping like you’re
In six-eight
I just can’t seem to
Follow you like
I used to.

Hands in my pockets
I look to the south, the green
Lights of the city calling my name
And I whisper back, “not yet.”



2 Responses to “In Transition”

  1. maelinat Says:

    Beautiful sounds and deep thoughts. Strong feelings. Thank you.

  2. Michael Says:

    Thank you. ^_^

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