A Tribute to DC

October 9, 2008

originally written in July 2008
who needs a title track?
Sarah said I was a kaleidoscope
but beneath grapevine fires, we laugh indoors
with crooked teeth and styrofoam plates
and all is full of love

she was climbing those narrow stairs
the complete lack of color made it clear
that her heart is an empty room
I guess I’ll just go back to those technicolor girls
but someday, I will possess your heart

now I’m stuck working on long division
trapped in a photo booth, with a girl named Cath
it’s a new year, but there are tiny vessels
telling me to black out the friction

as the marching bands make their way through
Manhattan, information travels faster than Plans
the employment pages say my interior decorator
finally kicked the bucket

for what reason is there no joy in Mudvile?
that ice is getting thinner, whether by pity or fear
just take the 405, and you’ll know what I mean by



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