A Reluctant Digression

October 9, 2008

originally written in September 2008

the scent of your perfume
crashes like a weight on my mind
I’ve been there before, in that
tiny moment where I can see
through the cracks in your
smile and with a single touch
bring the whole thing to ruin

unable to deny that glance
I dodge your questions like
an acrobat on a tightrope
you reach deeper than
I wanted you to, you weren’t
supposed to see who I am
beneath the surface

I keep you at arm’s length
because I’m unsure of the
consequences of your actions
make sure to fly under
the radar, it’s a gamble
for you to even be here
go take a road trip back
to the center of my heart

the sound of your voice
hurts my eyes, and I rush
to escape from where I
wish so desperately
to return



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